Welcome to Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School

March 2019

March is here IVC Families!

This month we kick into high gear to begin our prep for next school year. Students will be registering for their elective classes at IVC for next year and we begin the first of many 8th grade activities to prep our upcoming promotion of the class of 2019!

Just a reminder the trimester does end this Friday March 8th. Please make sure your students are checking Student Connect and make sure all assignments are in by Thursday of this week.

As we welcome one of the longer months of the year in, I need to ask for your support as our parent community. As many of you are aware, social media has a constant presence on our campus. As much as we would prefer students do not engage with social media, we also know this is a reality for this generation of students. This has an affect on our work here at IVC and for many students, the social media presence can serve as a distraction from their classroom studies.

We believe that it is important for parents to better understand the world their students are exposed to. I am attaching a few links to the newsletter this month in hopes that you will take the time to read in detail what apps like Instagram give your student access to. There are some very real issues that our kids are dealing with each day through social media exposure. It is important to note that most kids have an account and in many cases they have more than one account. Teens today typically have accounts they consider  “SPAM” and an account they consider “PRIVATE”. Students tend to keep one account with what they consider their closest friends where they will post their most personal information, many times revealing very sensitive information to a select group a friends. The belief is that this information will remain confidential because it is a “PRIVATE” account. You should note that many times the supposed private information is shared with others not a follower of the account.

Students use the SPAM accounts to follow all sorts of pages and may not post as much to this account. Regardless of what type of account the student has, the key is being monitored. It is not enough to simply check your student’s page every once in awhile. Some of the harshest bullying we have seen, comes through the students “DM’s” or direct messages.  It is critical to have conversations with your student about the type of information they are sharing, looking at and messaging about. Checking these areas can give you insight into your child through conversation and monitoring.

Another challenge we are facing at IVC, is the amount of non school sponsored pages being created by our students. We have multiple students creating pages about school. For example IVCMS_Confessions or IVCMSHIPS.  These are not official school pages but are treated as gossip boards and a place to exchange information about other students. Many times without that students knowledge or permission. We have seen posts on these pages turn very ugly and hurtful towards our students and staff.  As much as we try to report the pages and get them taken down, that is not always possible. Our partnership with the folks from #ICANHELP has been useful to helping to get some of these pages shut down, but that only works when multiple students hashtag the post. Thankfully we have a group of students now actively trying to shut down some of these sites and they have been successful, but for everyone that comes down, a new one can be created. What we would like to ask is that you speak to your student about not participating on these pages, don’t follow the account, don’t respond to messages and certainly don’t respond to posts with “likes.”  It is critical you remind your student those pages do more harm than good. By participating in them they are just perpetuating the problem and become a bystander to bullying.

We know that the kids who create these accounts typically send follow requests to anyone they know from school in hopes of getting as many kids to see it. By monitoring your students accounts, you can ensure they are not participating in or creating these types of accounts.  

Like anything else, we have to teach our kids how to navigate this world, it is an added task for both the school and families, but by working together to educate our kids, we can lead them towards a more positive relationship with social media. As much as we would all like to ban our kids from using it, I don’t know how realistic that is in the time period we are living in. Hopefully these articles can provide you with some tools to do so.



We had great success with our last Coffee with the Principal and I would like to invite parents again to come and chat with you on March 15th, from 8:45-9:45 in the staff lounge.  I look forward to folks joining me and would be happy to expand on the topic of social media then if parents have questions.  Thank you as always for your help and support with our students!

Heather Thorner



3/4-6th grade pre-reg closes

3/5- 5th grade visit, 5th grade parent night in MPR

3/7-PVC meeting 8:30 am

3/8 -No School Teacher Work Day = End of trimester 2

3/14- 8th grade College Tours

3/15- Coffee with the Principal

3/18- Spring Pictures

3/19- School Site Council(date change)

3/28- Spring Carnival

First week of April- SPRING BREAK



Reminder that ALL students entering 7th grade must have received their T-DAP booster shot for whooping cough. Students will not be allowed to begin the school year without this documentation on file. You can email the immunization record to us directly by sending it to IVCTDAP@nhusd.k12.ca.us.  

You can also bring it in to the office. Please make sure to schedule your appointment now, many parents have reported issues when trying to get the immunization in July or August.


IVC Choir students will be performing in the NHUSD Secondary Honor Choir Concert on March 21, 7 p.m. at Logan Center for Performing Arts. The performance is open to the public



Getting ready for 2019 /2020 school year.

6th grade students will pre-register for elective classes online  beginning Monday, February 25th through Monday, March 4th, 2019

7th grade students will pre-register for elective classes online beginning Wednesday, February 27th through Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

8th grade students will be pre-registering for Logan March 4th.   All forms must be returned to PE teachers no later than the March 7th

Parents please review your students choices prior to them submitting the form online.


Here is the link on our league (SACMAL) website:

SACMAL Cup Championship Standings

IVCMS is currently in second place for the all sports SACMAL cup league championships.

The season 4 sports teams will be starting up March 4th: Flag Football, Golf, Cross Country, Girls Volleyball

See the IVCMS Athletics Webpage for more information.


Tuesday, March 5 we welcome the incoming sixth graders to campus for a tour and presentations about their elective options next year.  Students from leadership, band, choir, and yearbook will participate in this event in the hopes of making the student's first official experience on our campus a positive one!  A fifth grade parent night will follow on Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm in the MPR so parents can learn some tips about IVCMS as well as get information about the registration process.


Thursday, March 7 is Birthday Day!!  We will celebrate the birthday of EVERYONE on campus that day.  There will be decorations all around campus as well as music played during passing periods.  We will have a giant birthday party at lunch with treats and games.


On Thursday, March 14 our seventh graders will be treated to a medieval tournament style assembly.  We have historians dress up in period attire and put on a show reminiscent of medieval times.  Students will get to cheer for a squire in the competition and several students will get to participate in the show.  


College Tours also be on Thursday, March 14 our entire eighth grade class will be venturing to different colleges in the Bay Area.  It's never too early for kids to start thinking ahead to their post-high school possibilities!  Our students will have the chance to see one of the following schools that day: Holy Names, Canada College, UC Berkeley, or San Jose State University.


Spring pictures are Monday, March 18th during PE classes.  Students will have the opportunity to take a professional picture with Lifetouch.  More info will come from PE teachers soon.


On Wednesday, March 20 current seventh graders will receive a presentation in PE classes about being a WEB leader next year.  WEB leaders are eighth graders that help welcome incoming sixth graders and help them with the transition to middle school.  We will be looking for 80-90 current seventh graders to participate in the program next year. It requires two training days and an orientation day the week before school starts as well as several meetings throughout the year and is a great opportunity for students to participate in leadership activities no matter what their school-day elective is.  We're excited to continue to grow this program!


On Thursday, March 28 we will have our Spring carnival!  This is an opportunity for clubs to do some fundraising as well as provide a fun event for all of our students.  Similar to the Halloween carnival, students will be able to purchase tickets for $1 each good for games and food items during the carnival.  We are looking for parent volunteers throughout the day, so if you're interested in helping out, please contact activity director, Jen Nemecek at jnemecek@nhusd.k12.ca.us


Finally, our Cultural Arts and Music Festival will be in April, but we will be taking sign ups for auditions the last week of March.  Auditions will happen the week we return from Spring break. If your child is interested in participating in the talent show this year, they should listen for announcements toward the end of March about how and where to sign up to audition.



The Fatherhood Summit to be held at Merritt College on March 16, 2019.  The other is for the Union City Family Center Community Resource Fair on March 23, 2019. Fliers attached to the newsletter with more information.



We have been seeing a lot more gum chewing around campus. Please know we do have carpeted floors and we are seeing more and more students come in to the office with gum related issues. Please remind your students we do not allow gum at school.