Welcome to Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School

February 2018

Hello IVC Families!

Welcome to February, so far the month is off to a good start.  I hope folks enjoyed watching the Patriots lose as much as I did.  I was happy to jump on the Philly bandwagon since my Niners have to wait for Jimmy G to take them there next year. ;-)

This month is jammed packed with events and happenings around IVC.  We have 3 sports in season right now, with soccer, basketball and wrestling all taking place. I encourage you to come to a game or two and support our kids while they play their hearts out and represent IVC.

Next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday we will take the NWEA assessment.  Students wrote goals in November, revisited them in January and are ready to tackle the assessment next week.  Please remind your student to put their best effort forward.

I also want to celebrate those students who make growth on their test results.  Although the NWEA is used to help IVC determine areas of strength and areas of struggle, we can also see that students are making growth towards their goals.  Although some students may not be at the proficient level yet, they are making progress towards their goals and that in itself is an accomplishment.  

We are also seeing an increase in the amount of students absent each day. It is critical for your child to be in school each day to ensure they have full access to the curriculum. In addition to that in times like we are seeing now, the main source of income for schools is through attendance.  Please do try to get your student to school each day. If a student is sick, they should stay home of course, but if they are well, please send them to school.

Our new 21st Century Room is progressing and we are hoping to have classes begin using the room by the end of the month.  We are down to the last few remaining items to be completed and we should be ready for an opening soon!

This year all 6th grade students during their ancient China unit got a chance to make terra-cotta soldiers from Shi Huangdi and the Qin Dynasty.

It is great to see our students putting their creative sides to work!

As a reminder, progress grades closed last week and progress reports will come home in the mail this week.  Grades should also be available online through Parent and Student Connect.

Heather Thorner


Important Dates:

Feb. 8- See’s Candy pick up after school

Feb. 13 & 14- NWEA- Full School day w/modified schedule

Feb. 19- No School, Presidents Holiday

Notes from Staff:

From the Counselors:

Upcoming events:  6th grade students will be registering for their 7th grade elective choices starting on February 26th, 2018.


7th grade students will register for their 8th grade elective choices starting  on March 1st, 2018


The pre-registration window for our current 6th and 7th grade students will close on Tuesday March 13, 2018.


Parents and guardians please review your child's elective preferences before they submit their form.


8th grade registration for high school will be in March.


From the Activity Director:

See's Candy orders will be ready to pick up after school on Thursday, February 8th in room N2.  For families with large orders, please make arrangements to help the students get the items home.  All items will come in easy to carry bags.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraiser.  We raised $3,600 that will go toward activities for all three grade levels!


February 15th is our Moana Movie Sing-a-long!  Students can get a permission slip and purchase a ticket at lunchtime.  We will have goodie bags for every attendee and a chance for kids to interact with the film and sing-a-long with all their favorite Moana songs.  If they don't know every word, no problem!  We will have the words projected at the bottom of the screen for all to see.  This is a fun and different way for the kids to interact with one another and we hope to get a great crowd!

From Ms. Agregado:

R3 Academy is holding 3 informational meetings on Jan. 31st, Feb. 7th & Feb. 21st at 6pm in the Media Center. Here's a link to for information about the program R3 Academy Classes


IVC Start Up!

Our students from our Critical Life Skills have opened their own business with the support of Starbucks and Niles Pie Company who both generously donated items for our students to use for their new Coffee Cart business. Each Monday the Coffee Cart will offer coffee and treats to teachers.  The students get a chance to practice some of the skills they are learning about in class and the teachers can get a little treat and some coffee delivered right to their classroom.