Welcome to Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School

March 2018

Hello IVC Families!

March is upon us and this is the longest month of the school year.  Thankfully Spring Break is around the corner and then we begin our journey to ending the 2017-2018 school year!

Sadly the last month has been filled with tragedy in our school system, the shooting in Parkland, Florida has been devastating for both students and staff.  Gun violence towards children or anyone for that matter is devastating.

I do want to reassure you that we work very hard to make sure our safety procedures are up to date by practicing monthly to ensure students and staff know what to do if a shooter comes on campus.   In April, we will be holding a Pink Shirt intruder drill, where someone wearing a bright pink shirt that says “INTRUDER” on it will come to campus without us knowing when they will come. The goal is to be able to practice our procedures when we least expect it.  Please do speak to your students about the importance of listening to the adults around them and to take everything they say seriously. The critical piece will always be keeping our students safe.

Here is a resource you can use to speak to your students about an active shooter situation on campus.


In response to the Parkland shooting, I am sure many of you are aware that a national walk out, “March for our Lives” has been planned and it looks like we will be participating in some context.  We are working with student leaders and teacher leaders to identify what they would like to do. Please know that student safety will be our number one priority and that this is a teachable moment.  We do not want students walking out for no reason, the staff feels that this is a true learning moment for students, to understand the power their voice has and the importance of educating themselves.  There are student meetings taking place and I am coordinating with the student leaders and teacher leaders. Once a plan is finalized, please look for an email from me with details explaining our plans for the movement.

Lastly, we need your help.  NHUSD and the middle schools are beginning to explore ways we can become a Future Ready Middle School.  We want to identify areas we can improve and explore the movements in education that are out there that better support our middle school students.  In order to do this we need information from our stakeholders. We have revamped the Race to the Top survey and added in questions to help us learn more about what your wants and needs for your student are . The links to the surveys are below and I ask that all parent take a few minutes to give us your thoughts.  We are hoping to use this information to guide our work over the next several years to make IVCMS a Future Ready Middle School.

Next week students will take their version of the survey in their science classes and staff will take the survey at our staff meeting on Monday.  I am offering the students a small prize for the class that gets the most parents to fill out the survey. Parents can email the teacher, write a note to the teacher, have their student take a picture or screenshot of their completed survey and show it to the teacher to demonstrate that they completed the survey. On Friday the class that has the most parents complete the survey will get a prize.  Science teachers will also be sending the links home to parents. We do have computer in the office if you do not have access at home that you are more than welcome to use to fill out the survey.  We appreciate the time you are giving us to better inform our work.




This is the last week of the trimester, please review Parent Connect and work with your students to ensure all assignments are turned in. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Have a wonderful March!

Heather Thorner


Important Dates:

Notes from Staff:

From the Counselors:

Career/College Expo Day April 20th: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

We are in need of volunteers to come and host a table with information about their career.  If you can help make this day a success, please complete the following form:


The pre-registration window for our current 6th and 7th grade students will close on Tuesday March 13, 2018.  Parents/guardians please review your child's elective preferences before they submit their form.

Logan Pre-Registration: Logan Counselors will be visiting all of our 8th grade classroom on March 22th.  During this week different Logan Programs will be available at lunch for students to ask questions.

On March 16th IVC counselors will be visiting 8th students classrooms and going over A-G requirements and Post High School options.

Tips for talking with your child about drugs at all ages:



From the Activity Director:

Wed 3/21: WEB Recruitment Begins!  Presentations will be made in all 7th grade PE classes for next year’s WEB leaders.  We’re looking for any incoming 8th grader who wants to help with 6th grade orientation and welcoming 6th graders to our school.  It is not a class, so open to any student who is interested

Thurs 3/22: 8th grade Gown Measurements: We will be measuring for 8th grade gowns.  Please return the letter you got in the mail letting us know if you are borrowing a gown from a family member or sending cash or check to IVC for $25 with your student.  All money is due 3/30.

Fri 3/23: Spring Carnival! Tickets are $1 each and can be used for game and food booths.  All proceeds go to the club hosting the booth. We will have a modified schedule, with a regular 2:55pm release time.

From the Choir Director

NHUSD Honor Choir Concert

IVCMS Choirs will perform with CCMS and Logan Choirs on March 15, 7 p.m. at the Logan Center for Performing Arts. It will be a wonderful evening of choral music. Tickets are $5. The community to welcome to attend!


From the 7th grade science teachers:

Human Growth and Development Informational night is March 21 from 6 pm-7pm. Parents of 7th graders please join us if you would like more information on the Human Growth and Development unit that students will complete in science this spring.