Welcome to Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School

April 2019

Spring has arrived!

The hills are green from all the rain, and I am sure many others will agree that we are ready for the rain to go away and let springtime come into full effect.  We have entered the last part of the 2018-2019 school year and we have a lot happening between now and the end of the year.

Please do keep an eye on your email over the next few months, there will be lots of information coming home and need to knows will be sent via email, newsletter and posted on our website.

This is also the time of year students tend to get a little over excited for the prospect of summer and we see an uptick in negative behaviors. This is a great time for you to sit down with your students and remind them that positive behavior at school is a must. We have a lot of fun end of the year type events for all students and we want everyone to be able to participate. 8th graders have been known to  get a milder form of Senioritis commonly known as 8th Gradeitis. It is not as serious as Senioritis, but has been known to cause students to make poor choices towards the end of the year. Well worth the conversation now with your students. We thank you in advance for these conversations.

In order to help smooth the transition to Logan for 8th grade families, Ms. Nem and I will be holding an 8th grade parent night where we will go over all the end of the year 8th grade activities, go over the 8th grade packet and share tips and tricks for navigating James Logan and high school in general. We encourage all 8th grade families to attend. That will be on April 23rd from 6:30-7:30 pm.

April also welcomes in final assessments of the year. This month our students will take the NWEA for the last time this year. This is one way we can check to see students progress on their goals towards meeting the standards, ideally students will see growth on their scores.

May will also bring our CAASSP testing. Please see the website calendar as our testing is more spread out this year. We are trying to be responsive to the fact that these tests take their toll on our students. In order to break up this test fatigue we are spreading the state testing over the course of  2 weeks. We will continue with our minimum days on testing days but they will be spread out. We know this can create a scheduling challenge for parents, so we thank you in advance for allowing us to try out this model.

Heather Thorner



April 9 & 10- 6th grade Levi Stadium trip

April 12- PVC Meeting 9:00 am

April 23- 8th grade parent meeting 6:30 pm MPR

April 24-May 3rd- Scholastic Book Fair

April 26- School Site Council 6-7 pm Media Center

April 27- Trimester 3 Progress report period

April 26-Glow Dance- Logan 6-8 pm (permission slip)

April 30- Choir Concert 7-9m @ JLHS

May 2- Open House 6-7 pm

Cool Cougars: Four students of Itliong Vera Cruz Middle School won the Overall Outstanding Tech Challenge Award of 2019. During this challenge, they designed a hovercraft that excelled all rounds of the challenge.

These are the 7th grade students that participated in the event:

Fatima K., Brianna J., Nyela M., and Angeline H.

Ashley R. (not pictured) is a 7th grader who was also awarded a scholarship to the 2019 Tech Trek camp happening this summer. Congrats to Ashley!

Glow Dance Permission Slip

Friday, April 26th is our annual CCMS/IVCMS Glow Dance at James Logan High School.  The dance will be 6-8pm in the Al Rodrigues Gym (formerly called the Old Gym) on the Logan campus.  This is always a fun event and a great opportunity for students from both schools to socialize with each other.  Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, April 17th during both lunches. Permission slips are required and there will be special ticket prices for students with an ASB sticker.  



Reminder that ALL students entering 7th grade must have received their T-DAP booster shot for whooping cough. Students will not be allowed to begin the 2019-2020 school year without this documentation on file. You can email the immunization record to us directly by sending it to IVCTDAP@nhusd.k12.ca.us.  

You can also bring it in to the office. Please make sure to schedule your appointment now, many parents have reported issues when trying to get the immunization in July or August.


The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to the IVC Media Center April 25th - May 3rd. The book fair will be open to students daily during both lunches as well as for families during Open House on May 2nd. Every purchase helps our school buy more books! You can check out the interactive flyer as well as support our school by purchasing online at http://www.scholastic.com/bf/ivcms. We are in need of Parent volunteers to help with lunchtime sales each day from 11:30-1. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Cindy Woll at cwoll@nhusd.k12.ca.us.  


Here is the link on our league (SACMAL) website:

SACMAL Cup Championship Standings


The 8th grade end of the year activities packet will be out on Monday, April 22nd.  Students will have two weeks to get the permission slips signed and returned to the school office.  There will be information about the activities leading up to the end of the year and the promotion ceremony itself.  We are also asking for a $25 donation to support the activities for eighth graders. Please look out for that packet and contact Ms. Nem at jnemecek@nhusd.k12.ca.us if you have any questions.


Our talent show will be on Tuesday, April 30th.  We will have performances from individuals and some school groups as well.  All students will be able to see some of the performances during the daytime assemblies, but the full show will be performed immediately following Open House on Thursday, May 2nd from 7-8pm.  Please consider coming to see the showcase of amazing IVC talent!


During the week of April 22nd, the eighth grade core classes will participate in mini Civil War inspired assemblies put on by the company Ancient Artifacts.  They come to do events for each of our grade levels and bring real artifacts with them to help tell important stories from the past. These eighth grade shows will be the final in the series.  Previously sixth grade had presentations on Ancient China and the seventh grade had an assembly with a medieval tournament.